Sr.No Name of Office/
Subject Date of Notice Download Notice
1Principal Question Paper UESTS-601_EVS_Skill CBCS Private 2021-05-15 Download
2Principal Question Paper UBCTE-603_Commerece CBCS Private 2021-05-15 Download
3Principal Question Paper UPHTE-603_Philosophy CBCS Private 2021-05-15 Download
4Principal Question Paper UBCATE-602_6th Sem BCA Private 2021-05-13 Download
5Principal Question Paper USOTE-603_Sociology CBCS Private 2021-05-13 Download
6Principal Question Paper UPHTE-601_Philosophy CBCS Private 2021-05-13 Download
7Principal Question Paper UZOTE-601_Zoology CBCS Private 2021-05-12 Download
8Principal Question Paper UPYTE-601_Physics CBCS Private 2021-05-12 Download
9Principal Question Paper USOTE-602_Sociology CBCS Private 2021-05-12 Download
10Principal Datesheet(Left out Papers) for Sem-VI CBCS Private 2021-05-12 Download
11Principal Notice regarding Submission of Answersheets(Hardcopy) of papers conducted 2021-05-12 Download
12Principal Question Paper UHILTS-601_Hindi 6th Sem CBCS 2021-05-11 Download
13Principal Question Paper UENTE-601_English 6th_Sem CBCS 2021-05-11 Download
14Principal Datesheet for Sem-V CBCS Private 2021-05-10 Download
15Principal Question Paper UDGTE-605_Hindi 2021-05-10 Download
16Principal Question Paper UHILTS-604_Hindi Genric 2021-05-10 Download
17Principal Question Paper UENTE-605_English 2021-05-10 Download
18Principal Question Paper UCHTE-601_Chemistry 2021-05-08 Download
19Principal Question Paper UCATE-601_Computer 2021-05-08 Download
20Principal Question Paper Math_UMTTE-601 6th Sem 2021-05-07 Download
21Principal Question Paper Sanskrit_USATE-602_6Th Sem 2021-05-07 Download
22Principal Question Paper Pol science_UPSTE-601 2021-05-07 Download
23Principal Question Paper Botany_UBOTE-601 2021-05-07 Download
24Principal Admit Card of Sem-VI CBCS Private 2021-05-06 Download
25Principal Instructions for Conducting University Examination 6th Sem-CBCS Private 2021-05-06 Download
26Principal DateSheet for BA/B Sc Sem-VI Non-CBCS Private 2021-05-04 Download
27Principal DateSheet for BA/B Sc Sem-VI CBCS Private 2021-05-04 Download
28Principal Roll No List of Sem-III for Session 2020-21 2020-12-29 Download
29Principal Roll No List of Sem-V 2020-12-22 Download
30Govt. Of India Scheme, PMKVY Training for Accounts Assistant 2020-12-21 Download
31Principal Verification of Examination Form of Sem-I, Sem-III & Sem-V 2020-12-19 Download
32Principal Roll No List of Sem-I for Session 2020-21 2020-12-14 Download
33Principal Inter college Tournament Schedule 2020-10-25 Download
34Principal Shortage Cases of Sem-II, IV and VI of Session 2019-20 2020-10-19 Download
35Principal BA/B Sc/ B Com Sem-VI Skill Course Paper/Exam 2020-10-09 Download

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