Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand.- Native American Saying          Education make a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. - Peter Brougham          Education is not the filling of a pail,but the lighting of a fire.Ē - Wiliam Butler Yeats.          What we learn with pleasure we never forget. - Alfred Mercier

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NIRF - 2017

Academics Events Calender



Tender Notice


Academic Staff

S.No. Name of the Faculty with Designation Subject E.mail Address
1 Dr. S.P.Sharma  (Principal) Geology
2 Prof Anjali Mahajan (Assoc .Prof.) English
3 Prof. Chander Shekhar  (Assoc.Prof.) Zoology
4 Prof. Tarsem Lal (Assoc.Prof.) Chemistry
5 Prof.Raj Kumar Gupta  (Asstt .Prof.) Chemistry
6 Prof. Shamim Ahmed  (Asstt .Prof.) Economics
7 Prof. Rewa  Lakhnotra   (Asstt .Prof.) Zoology
8 Prof. Anshu Sawhney (Asstt.Prof.) Physics
9 Prof. Kuldeep Kumar (Asstt .Prof.) Physics
10 Prof. Sushma Bala (Asstt .Prof.) Education
11 Prof Jyoti Sharma (Asstt. Prof) Comp. App.
12 Prof. Dewarka Nath  (Asstt .Prof.) Comp. App.
13 Prof. Iesha Sharma  (Asstt .Prof.) English
14 Prof. Pavanjeet Bali  (Asstt .Prof.) English
15 Prof. Sonam Mehta  (Asstt .Prof.) Math
16 Prof Sonia Bhau  (Asstt .Prof.) Commerce
17 Prof Dinesh Jamwal  (Asstt .Prof.) Philosophy
18 Prof Anuradha (Asstt .Prof.) History
19 Dr. Mamta Sharma(Asstt. Prof.) Sanskrit
19 Dr. Atieq Ul Rehman(Asstt. Prof.) Education
19 Dr. Shivani Sharma(Asstt. Prof.) EVS


Academic Arrangement (Current Session)
S.No. Name of the Faculty¬† Subject  
1 Mrs. Palak Gandotra¬† App. Math¬†  
2 Dr. Anil Kumar  Botany
3 Ms. Pooja Chodhary  Botany
4 Ms. Seema Devi¬† Botany¬†  
5 Ms. Rashmi¬† Sharma Chemistry¬†  
6 Ms. Deepmala  Chemistry
7 Ms. Pooja Kumari Chemistry
8 Mr. Rahul Gupta Commerce  
9 Ms. Rashmi Kumari  Commerce
10 Mrs. Arti Sharma Dogri¬†  
11 Ms. Anshu Andotra Dogri¬†  
12 Ms. Meenakshi  Sharma English
13 Mrs. Bandana Sodhi¬† Education¬†  
14 Mrs. Renu Malhotra¬† Education¬†  
15 Mrs. Farhana Kouser  EVS
16 Ms. Supriya  Sharma EVS
17 Ms. Bharti Sharma EVS  
18 Ms. Amita Sharma Hindi
19 Ms. Jyoti Sharma Math¬†  
20 Ms. Tanvi Sharma Physics¬†  
21 Ms. Preetika Sharma¬† Physics  
22 Ms. Vandana Sharma¬† Pol. Science  
23 Mr. Sandeep Sharma¬† Philosophy¬†  
24 Dr. Ajay Kumar¬† Sharma ¬†Sanskrit¬†  
25 Ms. Taranum Malik Sociology¬†  
26 Ms. Manisha Kandroo Zoology
27 Ms. Samita Sharma¬† Librarian¬†  
28 Ms. Monika Megwan¬† PTI¬†  




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